More than a Mother

Exploring the landscape of modern motherhood and more

Domestic Bliss

Mothers are frequently hit with a tsunami when their kids are born: a tsunami of love, sure, but also the invasion of a new kind of physicality that isn’t, always, welcome. Your body becomes something other the minute you get pregnant, in service to another human in a way it’s never been before.

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Survival Mode

Baby Mode, to me, conjures images of the first ten weeks. You barely put on your shirt, because you’re nursing all the time. You sleep when the baby sleeps. You accept all offers of food. Your washer and dryer run constantly. You inhabit the world in a haze of blissful love and exhausted blues, sometimes yo-yoing between the two.

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About Me

I'm working from the premise that motherhood is not just all diapers, tantrums, and setting limits. It's interesting. Okay, sometimes.

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