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Hi. I’m Susie Meserve, poet, essayist, and educator. I’m the author of the poetry collection Little Prayers, which won a Blue Light Award from Blue Light Press and was published in 2018. My personal essays—on parenting, anxiety, infertility, and other realities of modern adulthood—appear in Literary MamaElle, Salon, The New York Times Well Family blog, Offbeat Families, and the book anthology Show Me All Your Scars: True Stories of Living with Mental Illness. In 2021-2022 I received support via a City of Berkeley Civic Arts grant for a project called “Frontiers,” exploring immigration, ancestry, and motherhood.

Join me for “Late Summer Shorts: A Dozen Prompts in a Dozen Days” at Left Margin Lit this fall. I’ll be leading this generative, asynchronous, super-fun writing prompts class with my dear friend, the journalist Rachel Sarah.

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Little Prayers

by Susie Meserve

Winner of the 2018 Blue Light Book Award from Blue Light Press

“Maybe the poet’s most important function is to visit the world and report what is found—to make us all aware of things we fail to notice. Susie Meserve takes this role seriously in her debut collection, “Little Prayers.” It’s a book full of wistfulness. And of wisdom gained from friendship, music, marriage and parenthood.” —David Roderick

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Little Prayers, debut poetry collection and winner of the 2018 Blue Light Book Award by Susie Meserve

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New Poems!

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Spring Equinox and Susie at Bay Area Book Festival!

Spring Equinox and Susie at Bay Area Book Festival!

Friends­, here's what the Spring Equinox looks like here in Northern California. I got so excited about the torrential rains predicted last Saturday, a gig-postponing, movie-afternoon kind of rain. Instead, it sprinkled for an hour. Climate change and drought, folks,...

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The Slideshow

The Slideshow

It would take a thousand photos to really explain a year of Covid. We had one slideshow. New Year's Eve, 2021. We enjoyed a Covid-style masked backyard cocktail with friends and came home for a decadent fondue dinner just the four of us. I'd thrown the photos together...

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I teach writing at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and read and speak regularly around the Bay Area. You can learn more on the Teaching & Speaking page, or contact me using the form below.

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