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Little Prayers

by Susie Meserve

Winner of the 2018 Blue Light Book Award from Blue Light Press 

“When Robert Frost defined a poem as being a “momentary stay against confusion,” he was referring to poems like those in Susie Meserve’s collection Little Prayers. These are poems of love, loss, and beauty, but more importantly, how these matter in a life where time is fleeting.” — Michelle Bonczek Evory, author of The Art of the Nipple

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About Me

Hi. I’m Susie Meserve, writer, mother, and college writing professor. My personal essays—on parenting, anxiety, infertility, and other realities of modern adulthood—appear in Elle, Salon, The New York Times Well Family blog, Offbeat Families, and the book anthology Show Me All Your Scars: True Stories of Overcoming Mental Illness.

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I feel like I could write this entire blog post in one sentence, and that sentence goes like this: I am so effing grateful for childcare. But since you’ve all come to know me as a bit more, well, verbose, hear me out. When L was born, I proudly stayed home from... read more

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National Poetry Month Interview with Me!

This terrific blogger named Jess Witkins interviewed me about my new poetry collection, Little Prayers. There’s a book giveaway, too. Here’s a teaser: Jess: Why do you think poetry is important today?  Me: I think poetry asks us to tap into a different... read more

Teaching & Speaking

I teach writing at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and read and speak regularly around the Bay Area. You can learn more on the Teaching & Speaking page, or contact me using the form below.

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