The Trouble With Loving Someone Else’s Baby


I’ve got an essay on today.?Check it out!


The Slideshow

The Slideshow

It would take a thousand photos to really explain a year of Covid. We had one slideshow. New Year's Eve, 2021. We...

The Best Summer Yet

The Best Summer Yet

[ASIDE: Reader, I'm not happy with the aesthetics of my blog posts. I tried to make the font larger for better...


  1. Katie

    So beautiful, Susie. This one made me cry, though. In related news, I cannot wait to meet the twins. : )

  2. sunburn

    Susie, thanks for sharing. That takes a very big kind of brave that you seem to manage better than most. And – SO exciting! All fingers and toes crossed here x

    • Susie Meserve

      Thank you my friend! For the kind comment AND the well-wishes. x

  3. Christine

    Beautiful article – it left me a bit weepy. Wishing you the very, very best, whatever life brings.


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