Poems in Toad the Journal

Hi friends,

I have a poem in the online journal Toad this week. My friend Mike Dockins and I are writing postcard poems to one another, and the journal published his first poem, my second (response to #1), and his third (response to #2). Oh it’s very confusing, but check it out!

Here’s a teaser:

The machine that is your heart
glows until the bulbs shatter
like broken fingernails
and scatter across the ocean…



An End to Rationing Joy

An End to Rationing Joy

A few people reported that they found my last blog post depressing. "Is it just the end of hope??" one asked, but that...


  1. Tom Molanphy

    Love the slingshot references in your poems in “Toad the Journal”…made me dizzy in the best way.


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