Books You Can Lose Yourself In

I thought it was really interesting that two blog posts today were about the immersive (I think I just made up a word) world of fiction. The Living Notebook writes about Absorption today, about fiction that “brings us further into [a] dream, overwhelming our senses until the dream seems real.”

And over on popcorn, Karen McHegg discusses books that “create a world different from the one [she] lives in.” You can read about those books here.

It made me think: which books have most absorbed me in recent years? My first thought was Emma Donoghue’s brilliant novel Room. I also felt immersed in the strange world of Karen Russel’s Swamplandia and the more-real-yet-also-quite-strange one of Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder.

Which books have absorbed you lately? Head on over to popcorn and tell Karen McHegg.

And me? Today I’m immersed in three-year-old land. L. had a touch of pinkeye, and I knew I’d get the stink eye if I sent him to school.





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  1. lisarosenman

    I loved Room and State of Wonder… totally immersed me. Swamplandia is on my Kindle…

    • Susie Meserve

      I’ll be curious what you think of Swamplandia. What others have enveloped you?

  2. Karen McHegg

    Susie–Thanks for adding to the list. I had a hard time being absorbed into Swamplandia, but I’ll add Room to my list. (Hope the pink eye clears up quickly!)

    • Susie Meserve

      Hi Karen, Swamplandia rubbed so many people the wrong way. I have friends who loathed that book. I read it in close to one sitting and was just riveted, but I’m learning I was not joined by many friends in that. Room is the best novel I’ve read in years.


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