My Dilemma

I?ve been having a crisis of faith about Uploads & Inserts. Like many things in my creative life, I plowed on in without thinking the entire thing through. I knew I wanted a ?professional? Website, where I could keep folks up to date about my many new publications (uh, yeah, about that?), and I wanted to have a space for some information about me, Susie Meserve. My idea, of course, was that this Website would be a valuable tool when I was sending out work and looking for an agent for my memoir. I want to sell a book, yo! And, separately, I knew I wanted to blog. Et voila, I thought, let?s put it all together.

So here we are, and it?s been great fun, but lately a host of concerns has cropped up. I?ve been feeling like I want more privacy. Yes, we all know I have very little trouble oversharing, but believe it or not I too have my moments of shyness. More than that, I?ve been worried about who?s reading. I love that my friends, a few randoms, and my mom (Hi Mom!) are tuning in, but then, what about Internet predators? What about my students? Are they googling me and reading about my every vulnerability? And, about those agents. If one checks out this site, does she learn more about me than maybe she wants to?more than I want her to? Should I maintain this as a professional Website, and keep personal things personal?


Well, but: the overshare has kind of become my genre, so maybe it?s not so wrong to connect the two, my professional Website and my personal blog. After writing poetry for many years, the past few have seen me working almost exclusively on the memoir and other personal essay-type projects. If there is a niche that I?m filling, it might be personal, autobiographical writing (that?s another crisis of faith, but I?ll table that for now). So maybe that isn’t a problem after all.

In any event, two questions came up: should I can this blog, and start another, anonymous blog? A whole separate enterprise, where I don?t name myself at all?

And if I do that, or even if I stay here, what is this blog about? Is it about parenting, writing, anxiety, all of the above? Does that work? Seems awfully unfocused. I’ve been worrying about that.

I brought these concerns to two pals this week, both fellow bloggers: An Honest Mom and Ruth Whippman, who blogs at Calm Down Dear and a few other places. An Honest Mom is a good one to talk to about these things because, like me, she?s trying to sort out her role as a blogger and she?s pretty open to new stuff. So we worked out some things. Then, later that day, Ruth and I had a good chat about it too. Ruth is a good person to talk to about these things because she?s sharp as a tack and she is pretty pragmatic, savvy, and thoughtful about her professional life.

After much thinking, I have a plan. You ready for it?

1. I am thinking maybe, just maybe, I’ll can this blog and keep this site professional. I might even make a tab called “blog,” where I occasionally post bits and pieces of my writing, or news, or share about books I’m reading or literary events I’m attending. You know, writer’s stuff. Low impact.

2. I will start a new blog, but it won’t be anonymous. Because I want to generate interest, right? Interest in the overshare, if you will. Interest in my memoir. Interest in selling a book, yo. This new blog might have a specific kind of a focus, a little more nuance, with a catchy catch phrase (stay tuned!). But it will be the work of me, Susie Meserve, and I will of course link from one to the other. And maybe it won’t be about parenting so much. Or maybe it will.

3. But, because I really do like writing about parenting, a lot, in fact, maybe I’ll find a place to do that if I decide the other blog should have a different bent. Ruth does a lot of guest blogging, and she blogs for the Huffington Post, too. So maybe there’s a place to write about me and my sweet L somewhere.

4. Well, and, cool thing: Ruth invited me to join a group blog that she writes with six other women, all about writing. One dropped out, and I’m taking her place. So now, on a regular basis, I’ll be blogging about writing. I’ll share more details of that once I’m online there. Exciting stuff.

Looks like, instead of one blog, I now have…four.


Have I mentioned that I don’t really like blogs that much? I read my friends’ blogs, of course, but in some ways I’m a real luddite. I don’t hold with Kindles, for example. I want me a book in my hands. And, if I’m doing all this blogging, when (the hell) am I going to find time for some of the new projects I’m saving up?

This may be my next dilemma.

And this is the part of the post where I ask, “what do you guys think?” Anyone care to (over)share?

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  1. b

    I say you gotta take what comes. Seems like the blogging is coming right now, live in that moment and let the pieces fall. If you’re miserable, can it. But opportunities don’t come along in predictable patterns and you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Yo.

  2. Ruth Whippman

    Hey thanks for such kind words Susie! Whatever you decide I’m sure it will be great. See you soon.

  3. Janet McQuarrie (@diabetessoul)

    I think you just need to listen to your heart for guidance…You probably already know which path to take (and likely it’s not the one that involves writing four blogs at once!). I bet it’s the one that gives you the most joy…where you feel the most passion…and most of all, it doesn’t seem like work. It just happens organically. I love the dress in the photo, by the way! Is that you? So cute!!

  4. Elizabeth

    Technology overwhelms me on a regular basis. You are lightyears ahead of me.


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