You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Kids? I Can.


I am thrilled to announce my essay in the New York Times Motherlode blog today!

Check it out.

The Slideshow

The Slideshow

It would take a thousand photos to really explain a year of Covid. We had one slideshow. New Year's Eve, 2021. We...

The Best Summer Yet

The Best Summer Yet

[ASIDE: Reader, I'm not happy with the aesthetics of my blog posts. I tried to make the font larger for better...


  1. Susie Meserve

    Reblogged this on popcorntheblog and commented:

    Popcorn writer Susie Meserve in the Times Motherlode blog today.

  2. LaReesa, John and Zach

    Congratulations, Susie. Great essay (as usual!!). Love, LaReesa LaReesa, John and Zach


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