National Poetry Month, Day 3: Olga Sedakova

Today’s poem comes to me via my friend Sandra, who handed me a piece of paper last night with this tiny, strange, and to my mind beautiful poem on it.

It’s by contemporary Russian poet Olga Sedakova, whose work I am not familiar with. Try as I might, I cannot find mention of the book this poem comes from, or who translated it, or even its title, but here it is:

I will say, and you will not believe me

How much I love the night and the road,

How much I love to have been chased away,

And to be chased away again tomorrow.

–Olga Sedakova

Until tomorrow,








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  1. pammese

    There’s something about short poems that makes you savour every word and somehow makes the whole thing more meaningful. It’s amazing how much can be said with so few words.

  2. momasteblog

    Almost reminds me of Hemingway…


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