39 Things

Yesterday I had a big birthday. To my mind, the one before the conventionally-thought-of biggie is actually more daunting, because then you know you only have one year to stare it down. To wait for it to hit. D-Day. The Birthday of Doom. Lordy Lordy.

So, in honor of my birthday, here is a list of writing resolutions/goals, things I hope to achieve in this last year before the Big One really hits.

39 Things

1. Finish one memoir.

2. Find one great title for said memoir.

3. Write three short stories.

4. Make twenty (or more!) submissions to literary journals or magazines.

5. Get five acceptance letters.

6. Write five poems.

7. Write one song.

8. See my name in print twice (not counting on my own blogs).

9. Find one perfect, wonderful, and, more to the point, amenable, literary agent.

Care to share your birthday goals for this year?