Speed Reading on the Beach, and Peaches

It’s been nearly a month, and here’s why: I’ve been on vacation.

Sort of.

My online semester ended on August 7th, and I enjoyed ten days of swimming, running, eating too much, drinking too much–all the good vacation stuff. Then another online teaching gig came up and I grabbed it. It’s a course I’ve been slowly preparing to teach anyway, but because I’m taking over for another instructor who had to depart suddenly, I’ve been thrown into the course three-quarters the way through. To boot, the Internet connection on this lovely Maine island where I’ve been taking my vacation has been TERRIBLE. So when I finally got a window to peek into the course on Friday night–it starts officially on Monday–I realized that I need to grade an essay on Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents (which I have not quite finished reading) this coming week, as well as one on The Important of Being Earnest, which I speed-read yesterday. Next: a Hamlet refresher. It’s all a little nutty. Luckily, the beach is a lovely place to speed-read.

Maine sunset

Maine sunset


On another note, I loved this post about August in Rome over on Rachel Eats. Enjoy!