Plug: Lemon Reef

Today I want to plug my friend Robin Silverman’s new novel, Lemon Reef (Bold Strokes Books, 2012).

I met Robin in a writing workshop a few years ago, when she was working on this love story-cum-mystery about two adolescent girls. Now thirty, protagonist Jenna Ross learns that her ex-lover, Del, has died of a heart attack while scuba diving in Florida. Jenna goes back to Miami for the funeral and ends up mired in a messy situation indeed. The story is about friendship, love, domestic violence, and loyalty, and it is a hit. When I met Robin I remember thinking she had an idea with a lot of promise. Having just finished this book, I find that she not only has a juicy and exciting plot but a sad and very real story about two people bound for life by their love for one another.

If you’re interested in watching an interview with Robin, here’s one.

And if you’re in Massachusetts, it looks like Robin will be reading from her book at BSB’s Women’s Week Events in Provincetown. Learn more here.

Happy reading!