Some Plugs, Some Whatnot

Happy Wednesday, pals.

Yesterday I got a newsletter from Meghan Ward over at Writerland that I had to pass on:

My colleague here at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, Diana Kapp, is making and selling beautiful, unique necklaces for just $15 and donating ALL of the profits to help build schools for girls in Afghanistan.? Buy a necklace, and?ALL PROFITS? go to Afghan Connection.

"Feel Teal" necklace

“Feel Teal” necklace

Here’s the link to Diana’s etsy page, where you can read more about Jewels for Schools and buy a necklace! It’s a great cause, and the necklaces are super cool, too.

In other news, I just finished Popcorn blogger Tara Conklin’s debut novel The House Girl. I have to give it a plug. Read my Goodreads review, here. It’s a beautiful and extremely well-crafted novel with two likeable and believable heroines, and I recommend it highly.

Now I’m reading Kimber Simpkins’s memoir Full. So many good books, these days.

What are YOU reading?

Writerland Today

I’m not great at following any blogs–truth–because most days I’m running around like that proverbial chicken trying to squeeze everything in, but I do hop in and read several when I can make the time, and I’m always glad to do it. One I really love is Meghan Ward’s Writerland. She’s also a Bay Area writer, and the author of a memoir, and she’s got a great following and a great-looking blog (Meserve New Year’s resolution: update your look, babe!).

Her latest post on Writerland asks the question, “What is success?” and, well, it resonated with me. On many levels.

So you should read it. In case it resonates with you, too. Meghan’s asking for folks to make comments; go for it!