My Story

Author, educator, creative mind-body coach Susie Meserve on

I truly believe the creative life is a life worth living.


I’ve been “creative” for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was a singer and musician. In college, I “became” a writer.

Like many creative types, I’ve struggled and hustled. I’ve been told poetry is dead and the only musicians who get to play out are under the age of thirty. I’ve been rejected more times than I can count. I spent ten years writing a book that never got published.

I felt debilitating jealousy when classmates and friends scored huge book deals.

And I dealt with my feelings of anxiety, shame, and disappointment in all the wrong ways—as well as some of the right ones.

I certainly didn’t think a mom like me could find the time to truly be fulfilled creatively, or that anyone would want to read stories and poems about parenting.


But boy, was I wrong.


In 2016, after my second son was born after five and a half years of trying, I had a creative explosion. I began writing songs and playing out with my band. I started writing (and publishing!) essays and poems about infertility, pregnancy loss, and parenting.

In 2017, I implemented a habit I had been resisting my whole life: getting up early to write for an hour every weekday. Life-changing!

In 2018, the poetry book I had been trying to publish for OVER A DECADE was picked up by the sweetest little press. I spent a year promoting Little Prayers and giving readings all over the country.

In 2020, I finished another poetry manuscript.

In 2021, I scored my first ever writing grant.

In 2022, I had my first official writing residency.

Since 2020, I have published 17 poems in 15 magazines, including a few journals that felt like a HUGE REACH. I led a wonderful panel at the Bay Area Book Festival with other women writers interested in motherhood and ancestry. I published a personal essay about my donor-egg IVF baby, who’s now seven.

And I decided to dig deeper into a lifelong passion for helping people become their best selves. I took my interest in somatics with me, and had my mind blown by the power of mind-body coaching.

Now I help artists and writers clarify their visions and goals and develop practices to support fulfilling and sustainable creative lives. Together we can find tools to help you center in the face of rejection, prioritize your creative practice, and love your life. You’ll be better equipped to approach your creativity with wisdom and equanimity.


I want YOU to live your best creative life.

Let’s work together.

Author photo © Erica J Mitchell