What’s somatic coaching? How do you use somatics in your sessions?

Coaches work collaboratively with clients to help them maximize their potential and achieve their desired goals. A somatic coach uses a holistic and body-centered approach to this work, using tools cultivated from many lineages, including Hakomi, Strozzi, Expressive Arts, Positive Psychology, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness. I invite clients to tune into their bodies as we work, noticing how particular sensations arise. Old patterns reside not only in the mind but deep in the tissues, and lasting change is only possible when we tend to the mind AND body.

Of course, we can also work more practically. I’m energized by problem-solving and skilled in habit-forming, and sometimes we’ll spend a session clarifying a problem and brainstorming a solution. We might spend our time together in creative practice, or organizing around concrete goals. Sessions will be tailored to YOU, and I have many tools to share.

Whatever approach we take, I promise to meet you with deep curiosity, active listening, and dedicated presence.


Are you a book coach?

Not in the traditional sense. My role is to collaborate with you on the deeper issues around your creative practice or project. Clients come to me with questions like, “what book wants to be written?” or “How can I navigate a creative collaboration while maintaining my own integrity and vision?” Often, a client needs a coach to help them renew a commitment to their own creativity. Anxiety, fear of failure, and other limiting beliefs—these plague even the most diligent of creatives and are welcome in the coaching room.

I DO offer a coaching and manuscript consultation package, coming summer of 2024. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested. 


Do you teach classes?

Yes! In addition to my teaching position at Academy of Art University, I teach regularly for Left Margin Lit and independently. The best way to stay up to date on my classes is by signing up for my mailing list and following me on Instagram.


How much do you charge?

My current rate is $100-$150 a session, sliding scale. Most clients sign up for a minimum of three sessions. I also hold 1-2 low-fee spaces in my practice for folks who can’t afford my regular rates. Feel free to inquire.


How can I book a session?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute discovery call HERE, to determine whether creative mind-body coaching is right for you. If it seems like a fit, I’ll send you my scheduling link, intake form, and coaching agreement.

I look forward to working with you!