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In Praise of Childcare

I feel like I could write this entire blog post in one sentence, and that sentence goes like this: I am so effing grateful for childcare. But since you’ve all come to know me as a bit more, well, verbose, hear me out. When L was born, I proudly stayed home from... read more

Gorgeous Summer Meals

Ah, summer! The other day in the car we listened to this Robot or Not podcast about whether it’s better to have changing seasons or nice weather all the time. The New Englander in me immediately said “seasons,” though if I’m honest, I... read more

What the Fork Is For Dinner?

My friend Mattison sent me this video the other day of her parents preparing a feast for Chinese New Year. Immigrants from China via Vietnam, they worked for hours—days—weeks?—preparing the food. The level of food prep is astounding. There are scenes of her mom... read more

About Me

I'm working from the premise that motherhood is not just all diapers, tantrums, and setting limits. It's interesting. Okay, sometimes.

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