SNC11450Hi. I’m Susie Meserve, writer, teacher, editor, and mother. I have an obsession with words. On my blog, I write about writing—and books. With my son, I answer questions like “Mama, what does ‘elegant’ mean?”

I’ve just finished writing a memoir called “Quiver,” for which I’m seeking representation.

One morning when I was seven, I woke to find my hands covered in blood. My little brother had just been born, and I was fastidiously washing them as a way to bind up the dreadful feeling of having been replaced. My parents didn’t know what to do; none of us understood how a privileged, happy kid could one day develop obsessive compulsive disorder. So began my twenty-year relationship with anxiety and my grinding fight to conquer it. I tried therapy, yoga, running—but still had the compulsion to check the door was locked seven times before bed and brush my teeth ten times in an afternoon. Then one day in Portland, Oregon, a Frisbee whizzed by and Ben exploded into my life. The next thing I knew, I’d agreed to put my things in storage, take nothing but a backpack, and travel around the world with him. Together we bribed a border guard, took mescaline, survived suicidal bus drivers, and tragically lost a friend. My anxiety nearly killed me and nearly drove us apart. But by the time Ben surprised me with a marriage proposal on a warm spring evening in Paris, I’d learned to act normal. I’d learned I was loveable anyway. And most of all, I’d learned I was not the only one who was afraid.

Read about my progress, and hear about what I’m reading, on my Blog.

I also blog about once a month with the fine writers over on Popcorn.

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